Front end hit today on my 2002 Lincoln Continental - time to move on?

Well, almost 3 years since I last updated here.

So far this 2001 Lincoln replacement bought with 39K miles has needed no further maintenance other than oil and coolant from 49K miles to the now current 65K miles. 4 years of ownership.
Still drives the same. No leaks. I'm used to all the subtle noises and handling quirks. But everything still works including Speed Control, Power Windows, Defroster, etc. So that makes me happy.
The Cooper Starfire tires have been holding up well. I might get another set of those on my next sedan.

My goal is to get to the car to the 80-90K range in several more years and hopefully replace with another clean low mileage Lincoln Conti, Lincoln Town Car, Grand Marquis
or Crown Vic. Not so sure I'll find yet another 1998-2002 clean Lincoln Continental again though I check for them periodically to see how pricing/availability is. Having ONLY 1997-2002
Lincoln Continentals as my daily driver since 2001, I'm sort of "used" to these.
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