Front bumper cover for 2002 lincoln lse


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Nov 2, 2014
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South Bend
Good afternoon all,
Hopefully someone out there can help me. I am in need of a front bumper cover (with the round fog lights) for a 2002 lincoln lse. I have looked all over and this thing is like trying to find a unicorn. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

prowl ebay, junkyards, craislist (I use searchtempest to expand the range), or the few Facebook groups. They pop up... eventually. What happened to your old one?
alls I'm gonna say is good luck... one member was looking for months and the only one he could find was a guy that wanted an insane amount for one...
one of the rarest LS parts out there.... CL if your lucky to find one parting... Keep $1000 handy anywhere else.
Otherwise... do anything you can to fix your old one... (they make some amazing plastic welding products out there).
Thanks for the advice. BTW, someone with a utility trailer backed into while i was in the grocery store. They just left. A customer coming in at the same time waited and told me.
Id do everything I can to fix your problem... Andrizzle had the same with his 2nd Gen LSE and was able to get it near perfect... Thread somewhere on it
IF I do decide to go with a Gen 2 bumper, what all do I need to convert to my 2002 lse front end?
see the end of my build thread....

to do it right:
Header and bumper (although a small gap will appear under each headlight)
You going to dip that camouflage army green soon or what? Fn wearing out my patience here Bud!
LOL so we'll aim for 2018 then. j/k

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