Front air conversion on a 99

Lincoln Continental

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    Nov 3, 2017
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    I just finished parting out my old mark Viii and have some ideas for my 99 continental. I know the 95-96 continental had air ride in the front as well as the rear and that my 99 has a coil spring on the front. Has anyone done a conversion to air on a 98-01 continental? i have to replace my transmission and power steering rack soon so i will be dropping the sub frame anyway pretty soon. I prefer air ride so i can adjust the ride height and have a smooth ride. My conti is at 213,000 miles now and my air ride has always worked flawlessly but i really want to add the front adjust-ability. If anyone has done this please chime in. i plan to buy replacement parts for 1996 and see what fits and what does not and hopefully get it all to work. I may end up doing some sort of aftermarket compressor controller to individually adjust the levels of each bag for ride height control but i want the factory ride quality.
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    I never heard or read of anyone doing such a conversion.
    From what I know of these things --
    If the car is equipped with the dual action ride control system, it uses 4 electronically actuated shock absorbers.
    The shock settings are adjusted by the ride control computer (VDM) based on ride height sensor inputs and wheel speeds.
    Disconnecting or removal of any of the factory components will cause the VDM to make the dash display show a ride control error.

    If air shocks are fitted in the front, a manual compressor/solenoid control will have to be used, as the VDM is not programmed for air shocks.

    I have an '02, and I would venture to say you will be very hard pressed to improve on the ride quality of the factory setup.
    The only thing that you will gain is being able to say you have front air shocks.
    If that makes you feel good then go for it.

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