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    Dec 15, 2016
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    So I've been the proud owner of a 2000 LS8 for almost a year now and when I bought it I had no idea it was in such bad shape.:slam At the time I just needed a car and always liked the LS body style. It was cheap, I was broke....match made in Heaven! One thing I can say is through ALLLLL the repairs, this is a smooth riding car! & I have more luxury features than some NEW car owners I know!!
    I purchased it as is, $3000 cash, with 130,000 mi. I've spent so much money on this car I stopped counting and threw away all receipts along with any thoughts of ever selling. Ok i kept some warranty receipts...but in all fairness to my LS8, in the 11 months that I've owned it, I've already put 30,000 mi on it!!!!!! YES, 30,000 :steering on a daily I probably put at least a 100 mi. EASY. One trip was 500 miles one way with a 3 day turn around. Never broke down. :dancefool

    All this driving comes with a cost...I've tackled an alternator, 02 sensors, cat converter, ignition coil, thermostat, clock spring, master cylinder, upper and lower control arms, ball joints, wheel bearings, (needless to say brakes, rotors, and tires and MANY top dollar high mileage oil changes) upper secondary timing chains and tensioners, transmission solenoid block(didn't fix the E code), had transmission valve body upgraded with Sonnax springs(THAT fixed the E code), replaced an airbag cluster light bulb to stop my car from beeping 5 times x 5 times in a row( if you don't know, just be thankful), while i was in there i upgraded the other cluster bulbs to blue LED's, followed by a complete interior lighting LED upgrade from dome lights, door lights, vanity, dome, map, glove box, and trunk...upgraded from halogen to LED headlights as well, heck I've even had to replace the driver side door handle...twice!! And last, which was actually my first repair, a window regulator motor....:woowoo2:

    It's tough when your daily driver car happens to be your weekend rebuild project too.
    Projects to come include:
    Eibach 1" lowering spring kit along with a set of struts(SOON! because im wobbling all over the road...errr uhhh smooooothly tho)
    A/C system never worked so compressor, 4SURE and who knows what else(that should be fun on my pockets so, Later, but before summer)
    Traction Control light on cluster stays lit which gives me a code for a yaw rate sensor(hopefully just faulty switch or wiring, will know next week)
    Airbag Light in the cluster flashes a code 3 then 6 (seeing as though the clockspring has been replaced, and from what I've read, hopefully its the wiring under driver seat, will know next week as well)
    Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms(SOON: not at all urgent but I've done the front end so i figure why not since im doing the all the struts anyway)
    And if nothing breaks down on me or lights up in my face or chimes at me long enough for me to save some "fun money"...
    upgrade all four factory speakers and stock radio(which still sounds great as is)
    replace the rest of my exterior bulbs to LEDs (high beam, fog, side markers, brake lights, tail lights, etc...
    figure out whats wrong with my gear shift bulb and upgrade to LED
    upgrade all door switches & a/c control buttons back lighting to LEDs
    My model didnt include a wood grain steering wheel so I'm looking for one, graphite grey. I found a brown one with wood grain and purchased it in hopes of one day cleaning it and dying the leather grey. Don't even know if that's possible:confused:
    ... the list goes on and on as my end goal is to come out with a Luxury VIP-Style LS!!! :L:wrench
    If you made it this far and have any ideas hints suggestions questions concerns or threads you would like to refer me to PUH-LEEZ don't hesitate to reach me.
    Thanks in advance to everybody for the great advice i know is coming and a long long overdue thank you to everyone who ever posted anything about the repairs i mentioned above because i probably read it to solve my issue(s).:yourock:

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