Ford, GM win top honors in design


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Mar 2, 2004
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Ford, GM win top honors in design

Web-posted May 21, 2004

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Vehicles developed by the Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. walked away with the top honors at annual Interiors Show at Cobo Center in Detroit.

The Cadillac T XLR and Ford F-150 were named the "People's Choice" in online voting by all 5,500 attendees who preregistered for 2004 Auto Interiors Show in Detroit, the show's organizers announced Thursday.

"The selection of these particular vehicles is especially noteworthy because both represent a turning point in interior styling, functionality and quality for North American manufacturers," said Doug Hope, group vice president of VNU Expositions, producer of the show.

GM's Cadillac won a separate "Navigation System of the Year" award.

"Our goal with the XLR interior, in keeping with the philosophy of the entire vehicle, was to strike just the right balance between luxury and performance attributes," said David Leone, vehicle chief engineer for Cadillac.

A new study by CSM Worldwide of Novi also said GM, Ford and the Chrysler Group have increased spending on interiors in an effort to keep up with the stylized interiors developed in Europe.

In North America, the automotive interior trim market will grow to more than $10 billion by 2009, according to CSM's research, from $7.5 billion this year. CSM's figures are based on piece-cost estimates and represent the combined market value for the following interior components: door trim panels, floor carpeting, floor consoles, headliners, instrument panels and package trays.

"There is a big push in North America to have interior trim materials, sound quality, and overall fit and finish to equal that of European and Japanese luxury models," said Don Montroy, CSM market analyst, North American Component Forecasts.

Montroy said suppliers and carmakers also will continue to integrate electronic features into traditional interior trim pieces. Jim Padilla, Ford's chief operating officer, also told analysts this week that Ford is insisting on better quality and more for its money from suppliers.
Wow..what a suprise. Detroit, home of the Big 3, wins design awards chosen by the people?? (most of whom no doubt are union workers for the Big 3??). Compare the interior from an XLR and a Lexus SC430, and you'll see the Caddie pales in comparison....

Ok. But something that you won't be able to tell by looking at pics is the "feel". The Lexus has an interior that is alot "warmer" than the XLR. The XLR seems kinda "fake" in comparison. The wood, and leather isn't nearly as nice as those in the Lexus. Pics are OK, but you really need to sit in them both. I also think the interior of the 7 year old Jaguar XK8 is nicer than the XLR. And when inside, you don't really feel the XLR is that "rich". I mean..the interior of the XLR reminded me of an Infiniti G35 or even a 04 Nissan Maxima. It just wasn't that rich. Though GM has always felt a little cheap when it comes to interior design..



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Your right. Too tough to tell by Pic.

Although I will say I don't care for the Lexus wood treatment. Too bling(loud) for me.

Hey, did you buy a car yet or are you still shopping?
It's a battle to decide which car. The Jaguar XJR and Lexus GS400 are fighting for my cash now...but the LS400 isn't far behind!!
ALL XLRs have wood inserts on the wheel, the pic you posted does not.
Funny thing is your pic came from the GM / Cadillac website!

I think it adds alot to the overall look, but I do agree,
as an XLR owner, the Lexus (SC430) interior is superior.

ya well i think the XLR is a superior car but.... the interior is not as good as the lexus but the XLR is one HELL-of-a-car!

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