For sale: Madden NFL 12 (XBOX 360) - brand new, sealed $45

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    For sale: Madden NFL 12 (XBOX 360) - brand new, sealed $45
    Genuine brand new game (sealed) $45:

    Madden NFL 12 (XBOX 360)

    This sells for between $50 and $60 plus taxes in stores - get it for the football fan in your family for Christmas. Given how close we are to Christmas, local pickup in the Toronto area would be best.



    Get closer than ever to the NFL in Madden NFL 12. An all-new collision system, advanced defense AI enhancements, and custom playbooks bring NFL Sundays into your home like never before. You make the calls, you make the plays, and you control it all as you lead your team to Super Bowl victory.

    Product Features
    The collision system gives you full control of players up to the point of impact, so you can tackle and block with the most authentic precision to date.

    The collision system uses your player's momentum along with more than 100 new tackles, including 40 gang tackles, for the greatest impact.

    Advanced defensive AI offer over 100 enhancements for the smartest defense ever.

    Players in zone and man coverage will recognize and react to plays, which means they can even break out of assignments when appropriate so you get a defensive team that works together.

    Custom playbooks give you the freedom to create the ultimate game plan by modifying an existing playbook or building your own using up to 400 offensive or defensive plays from 75 playbooks.

    Integrate your custom playbook into your game plan and use it with the improved GameFlow system, which executes an authentic, situational game plan for you.

    Enjoy team-specific run-outs featuring mascots and cheerleaders, authentic broadcast cameras, lifelike 3D grass, and dynamic time-of-day.

    Franchise mode includes more than 100 new features and enhancements, including expanded rosters, an all-new rookie scouting system, a free-agent bidding system, and more.

    In Superstar mode, you can now control the growth of your superstar with an all-new progression system that allows you to earn skill points by participating in practice and games.

    Dynamic Player Performance creates unprecedented realism as a player's skills and confidence rise and fall based on his performance throughout a game.

    The perfect combination of Madden NFL Football, fantasy football, and trading cards comes to life with Madden Ultimate Team; earn, buy, auction, and trade players as you build your ultimate team of NFL stars and legends.

    Create an online community and play head-to-head against up to 2,000 friends.
    Enjoy exclusive access to all of your fantasy teams inside of Madden NFL 12 (available after first title update).

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