FOB Programming



A friend of mine has a '98 Eldorado and he had to replace the battery in the FOB. Will he have to go to the dealer and pay $35 to reprogram this device or is there a way he can do this? Thanks...
It shouldn't matter if you change the battery, the car "learns" the keyfob....unless they have changed it since 1992.....which is a very good possibilty. I can post intructions on how I programmed mine on my 92 eldo if you think it will help....

I have a '98 STS and I'm not sure if the programming is the same but with mine, I just have to walk up to the car and hold down the lock and unlock buttons untill the horn beeps and then it's done. Try that first and if it doesn't work, take it to the dealer. They should be able to do it for you.

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