Fixed My Moonroof Drains Today!!!!

I couldn't pull mine up enough to reach (I didn't try heating it). I pulled hard enough that was worried that I would tear the hose if I pulled any harder.

It's simple guys get the tube nice and warm and it will stretch back and definitely put a clamp on it.But don't over heat it. Rubber expands and contracts. That is why they pull off. Once it is clamped you are good to go. If u are in a warmer climate pull it apart and leave the car out in the sun and it will be much easier.Think about that tube and pillar in the hot sun with the windows closed boiling In the hot sun u can boil and egg on the car. And I recommend a metal clamp that won't expand. Just like the metal nipple don't expand in the heat.
Theres no way mine would have gotten long enough with some heat. I pulled as hard as I could, and didn't even get it close enough to touch the nipple. If I heated it and got it to stretch enough to get on the nipple, even with a clamp, something is eventually gonna give. (In my case at least)

I got crafty and used an old coil boot. The larger side of the boot fit nice and snug over the drain hose, and then the smaller end of the boot fit nice and snug over the drain nipple. I used hose clamps on either side just to be safe, and I also wrapped the hose in some waterproof tape before I slid the boot over it, because that hose has those weird little white things. Didn't want to give water any chance of getting under them and still leaking.

This was the drivers side, the left of the picture is the windshield side.

These pictures look confusing, like where the hell was that picture taken from? Mine was me standing outside of the drivers door, right up at the top edge.

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