Fixed AC, update on cause of issue.

Lincoln LS

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    Aug 10, 2012
    I was able to get my LS in with the mechanic this week. I linked him to some stuff on here for the AC repair, and he found the fuse to the DCCV was blown.
    Pulled it apart, and sure enough, the plug itself was melted. See pic below.

    Couple of things. First, Ford and their component pricing. For the DCCV, Ford wanted $290 CAD. Ok, maybe for such a complicated device, I can understand.
    Then for the wire, a simple wire harness that has 3 plugs, Ford wanted $370 CAD. OUCH!!!

    Got the DCCV on Amazon, Prime shipping $69, and the wire I pulled out from a scrap 2001 LS for $25. Plugs dont fit exactly between first and second gen (their orientation) so mechanic had to splice the ends off and wire it up.

    So total Ford pricing: $660 X 13%HST tax = $745.
    Total I spent buying from amazon/scrap = $95 X 13HST tax = $107

    Anyways, job is done, and thank you to everyone on here who made suggestions on my other thread, and thank you to everyone for your contributions on other threads, as well Lincoln VS Cadillac and its community of awesome people helping out. Old threads are a huge help when we run into the same problems as others have had.

    LS plug 1.png
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    • rgorke

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      Aug 5, 2017
      Camarillo, CA
      Same sort of thing happened to me when Inhad some work done years ago..DCCV wasn’t plugged in at all!!!
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