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    Dec 24, 2018
    Cary, NC
    Just looking for some parts and see RA is having a closeout on our V8 gen 2 (I guess) VCG set.

    $25. Same thing at Advanced Auto Parts is $64. I know you can get a discount at AOP but still can't beat RO on this. Felpro VS50724R

    I still went with Advanced for the gasket set and Motorcraft SP468 plugs because shipping from RO adds up. If you factor in a week to get parts and if they come from different locations and if you have to return that part, it has to go to the specific location which costs you multiple shipping. Plus I can get the parts today at Advanced. Cost me an extra $5 to go local and with less carbon footprint.

    Basically, if you're not in a hurry, I'd order a VCG set to have. For $30 (ship/ tax incl) it's a good deal. Ford want $75 + tax for one side, not even a set.
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  2. 04_Sport_LS

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    Jun 12, 2012
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    If needed now... then local is a necessary evil. Otherwise Rock Auto is the schit...if you know what you are looking for.

    The trick with shipping is getting parts all from one warehouse. If a person is not extremely picky about part brand names it's not to hard to do... Or of all parts are same brand name they usually come from the same warehouse. They even offer to pick parts based on cheapest shipping. Just remember that cheap parts are cheap for a reason.

    I haven't noticed an overly long shipping time... and even with parts shipping from 3-4 warehouses sometimes it's still cheaper in the long run over buying local... Even with the tax that RA now charges. And it's especially worth it when the LPS doesn't stock the brand I prefer. Seems that most LPS's only carry " house brand " parts anymore... and everything else is special order. They do this on purpose to sell what they make the most markup on... And it's usually low grade stuff.

    Unless desperate... I usually go OEM dealer or RockAuto.

    I ordered parts from RA late last week... and got some Saturday... and the rest will be here tomorrow. I really have no complaints about RA over the last decade... And when there has been an issue they have made it right.
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    • FDR

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      Jan 20, 2014
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      Usually, yes, but not always. When I ordered the front S-type R brake parts, it was cheaper to get 2 rotors from one warehouse and one caliper from another by around $25 in shipping, vs packing 90lbs into one large box. You could probably just order them in separate orders if you're set on a brand. It's worth checking

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