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    Mar 28, 2005
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    Ive been preaching the Evils of Facebook. for years hell that movie was a mass user grab!
    Even Ford Used targeted ads over the crap 6 speed trans in wife's 2016 Focus trying to lead me to a Pro'Ford lawyer that would have got me tops $2300 back not a Buy back of the whole car.

    so last week when it came out , call logs and text WTF
    the Use of the Mic or everytime It kicks in GPS .
    the list goes on ... and its not that only that data is out , that they are Mining it , and for what End ?
    they know if you live Away from Family ? that is just not useful info to help bring a better user experience
    to Quote a Former High level FB Executive the Use of Computer Learning Or A.I to make users Use facebook is Scary

    I found away to get rid of the App in my Phone as it was Pre installed . and Im off
    and Back here buying a Lincoln

    this link is to show how bad shits to become ....

    Facebook Spy - How to spy Facebook Messages & Conversations

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