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Mar 27, 2004
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Fort Walton Beach
Anyone who has any cool video footage of burnouts, your exhaust, drag passes, etc.... Post them here. I'm lookin a little more for stuff that deals with all your own cars, but whatever.... Let's get 'em all here!

P.S. I'd like to hear some exhaust stuff, right now I'm in the process of deciding what I might want to get...
One time i did a brake torque and broke my trans mount. Damn old ass 5.0
Wheres the clip of my car in front of your house going under the overpass ?
I have it. I just have to edit it from the video and make a clip. Ill dig it up and get it on the web by the weekend.
Please Geno dont forget,
I have been wanting to see that since last summer.

Here is a clip of when I first got the LSC it was totally stock.
While this is not drag racing I did light em up autocrossing.
Just watch the first 45 seconds.
Coming out of turn 3 you can see 2nd gear chirp about 5 ft of rubber !

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