Everyones Favorite Lincoln and Cadillac.

I would have to say my favorite Lincoln would be Mark VII Series. As for Caddy I have always been a sucker for the Allante (hope i spelled it right)
Barry ,
Great minds think alike .... but you own the car , how cool is that ....I am really jealous... Nice ride :Beer
I saw the car the first time in 65 and fell in love with it , and all these years I thought it was a Lincoln , Ill be damed... Still my favorite car
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Where did you see a mark II convertible in 1965?

WOW!! :eek: This thread really took off since I was here last keep them coming. :)
I forgot where i heard it but, i think i heard that the galaxie hard top convertible was origionally planned for the continental mark II but interest was not there.

By the way i saw a nice galaxie the other day, had the cop car style lights on it but they were mirrors on the other side and had airconditioning. Nice car !!
82 coupe

i lovw the mark series it was a true player car but other than that is the 80 - 84 coupe deville .you can do alot with that car .
My favorite is the Gen1 Mark VIII

also rans are the '60s Continentals & the Mark III.

The coolest Cadillacs have to be the '32 V16 models, the '59 Eldorado Biarritz and the '70 Fleetwood
1wykdmk8 said:
B.e.a.utiful (what movie is that from.......just leave out the periods.....but say it the way it is....again....without the periods?)

Bruce Almighty

Lincolns: Marks II, III, V, VII, and VIII, And the '66 conti?? hardtop w/ suicide doors = $$$!

Cadillacs: My neighbor has a mid-70's eldo convertable that is really tight, the CTS-V and the XLR. I would like the XLR a lot more if they toned down the harshness of some of its lines tho...

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