Evap emission canisters necessary?


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Oct 2, 2017
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My 98 mark 8 lsc has the evaporative emission canisters tray rusted out, so it now drags on the ground. Was considering just removing them temporarily, because i have to move the car. Does anyone know if they're necessary for the car to run?
I guess I got my answer. One was already disconnected, so pulled the other off. It still runs. Now I just need to find or make a new tray and put them back on.
Mine rusted out as well last year (on my 97). Considering the rest of the car, the EVAP canister tray is made of really thin and flimsy material. At the time mine dropped I was about 100 miles from home out in the country side, so I removed the canisters and the tubes as carefully as I could and and that was that. The only thing popping up regularly was the EVAP system error message on the DIC. Later my repair shop made a new tray out of soviet era 1/8" thick steel corner guard which should last another 20 years of salt and bottoming out.

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