ETC Failsafe odd lockout, 2005 Sport V8 w/Advanced Trac, forescan results attached


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Apr 1, 2020
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Guys im stumped, i added to my collection a beautiful silver birch gen2, which has its common mishaps, some i never experienced with gen1.. ive searched evereywhere if this has been covered lmk ill remove, left the airport the other morning in new orleans, all was well til it wasnt well, etc failsafe no throttle while i was eating lunch sitting while idling with ac. rewind couple months; the car would randomly, harshly accelerate/deaccelerate/accelerate so on.. from a stop, like it had bouncing airbags kind of harsh. ive noticed last week or 2 that thepedal wouldnt be acceleratinng as it should but only lasted couple secs of glitch randomly. i worked on it for hours, at one point i was abble to crank and idle for ac, still failsafe was on after numerous battery disconnects.

I put a nnew throttle body on, let idle for 20 mins still nothing rresponsive from pedal except slight increase, tho it moved at startup to allow the warm-up rpms, i confirmed the throttle is movinng on its own inside the TB. Changed TPS too, cleaned MAF, changed fuel pressure sensor, still nothing helped. could the pedal itself be the issue here, do any of you ever replaced the physical pedal? And why idling wqould it just decide nnows the time i tear up? Seems forscan doesnt evenn see the pedal.. anny help or insight is appreciated, thanks.

things ive done:
-pulled every coil to check they are firing
-coils and plugs new, motorcraft coils used
-new battery
-overhauled cooling system (radiator, condensor, hoses, thermostat, degas bottle, etc..)
-replaced OEM fan with a PWM Mercedes SL550 Bosche driven single blade monster
checked all wiring that i cann visibly see only found 1 ground band broken i reattached it the day before this occured

if missing info lmk

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Has no one on here have a clue about this? No one? Has anyone ever changed the pedal? I change pedal today and it ran fine for a few mins then boom it went back into failsafe mode. I would appreciate any guidance you have even if it doesn’t help, bc nothing I’ve done has helped more than 5 mins. My dad is barely alive from a brain aneurysm and a stroke 6 hours apart and I can’t even get to hospital to see him, anybody got any suggestions? Could it be a pcm fault? Nothing changes if I unplug the fuel pressure sensor or the tps and they both been changed along with the throttle body and pedal. Cleaned maf, checked all the new coils. Plugs are new too and no oil was in the hole so I didn’t pull them out. Forscan pulls now every code possible for throttle issue but doesn’t pin point its like 20 of them ending in -FF.
Are you clearing the codes? Each time?
With so many codes I would look at the battery? Have you cleaned and checked the connections?
Suspect the ground too. You have many codes and they need to be addressed.
There are not actually a bunch of codes there.
The HVAC codes can be ignored because they aren't any part of this.
All the other codes there are really just a result of two codes, P2121 and P2122. Run the pinpoint tests for those two and the problem will quickly be apparent. Shorted or broken wire, bad pedal assembly, or bad PCM.
The pinpoint tests for this are in the emissions manual, and I don't have that to post anymore.
Thanks Joegr. I try to simplfy things and start with only the codes I am chasing.
Any idea why all the HVAC codes?
Just random stuff from history maybe?
B1262/B1263 - it is common to get intermittent faults with the air door actuators on older LS. They usually resolve themselves and don't often cause operational problems.
B1265 - this is a false code, the gen II does not have a cold air bypass door.

B1676 - at some point you had low battery...
Battery is new, connections are fresh, checked all the wiring and watched probably hours of live data to pinpoint it down to a 5-9% surplus of the threshold for the stepper, TPS and the gas pedal/ butterfly assembly. I found the problem.

Throwing part after part after part. I guess the good thing is now I have adjustable pedals whereas I didn’t before, I tried to rebuild the gas pedal that ended up with a flathead screwdriver going thru my hand and severing the nerves to 2 of my fingers so I have no feeling at all in them. So I went to the bone yard and got new brake and gas pedal from a donor car.

The problem the entire time could have been corrected with more thorough inspection of simple parts; it was the throttle spring. I fixed it one night and the next day it crapped out on me and had to pull the car home not realizing it was that again, it was. Apparently the slots the spring set in had slightly deteriorated causing it to pull in and slide out the slots. I considered gluing it but I decided to just try and order a spring if I can locate one.
Ford workshop manual? I have both vol. 1&2 I'm sorry is that what ur talking about?
Like I said above the information he is asking for is not in the factory shop manuals. In those manuals, it says to refer to the "Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual" for that.

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