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Feb 26, 2007
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Grant Park
Hello all,

I am looking for information for some engine upgrades for my 94 Mark VIII.

Is anyone running Cams on their car(s) to give it that camming sound?
Is anyone running a gear drive?

Trying to find out all parts/specs to do the correct build

Thanks in advance
I always wanted to put a nice set of cams in mine to get some more power, but last time I checked all 4 cams were around 1200 which I didnt have laying around. So That Idea died fast. If you just want to hear some lope like it has a cam, try maybe going with a throatier exhaust. Maybe kill the 3rd cat and ad magnaflows. I know I have a slight exhaust leak and I can actually hear a hint of a lope from it. I bet with a fairly free flowing exhaust youll have the sound.

Also you cant run a gear drive on a 4.6 DOHC, The over head cams are driven by a timing chain and gears, where as a conventional pushrod V8 used a short timing chain and a pair of gears to run it. So you could fit in a gear drive kit. On a 4.6 the kit would have to be pretty huge.

What are you intentions with the car? If youre looking for a cruiser, I bet you could rebuild the heads with bigger valves and cut the stems for flow, then just clean the ports up but dont make them bigger, then port match, your imrc's, your upper manifold, throttle body, and exhaust manifolds. You should actually boost port velocity and have a much snappier motor. Then do the steering column mod and switch to cobra manifolds so you can ditch the upper manifold cats, and remove the 3rd cat. You can install the 4.6 DOHC Cobra cams, Cobra MAF, bigger injectors, and then get a custome tune. The car would probably really feel good.

Thats kind of what I am saving up to do right now. Eventually I will, I just dont want to pull the heads off a mark with the motor in the car it looks like hell...

The plan comes from what I did to My Cutlass. I swapped a stock low mileage 77 Olds 403 motor into a 86 Cutlass Supreme. It was quick but not great. I picked up some higher compression heads, and a Comp Cams 268 cam and it got faster but it wasnt great. Then I pulled the same heads back off had big block valves installed and had the stems cut like I told you and the thing is a tire burning machine and pulls hard up to redline.... As far as a tune I kept the computer controlled distributor and carb and changed the tune and recurved the distributor. So basically were applying the same principals to the mark. Im not sure what it comes out to in Dyno Numbers but from the Ass dyno it felt very significant.......
if you buy cams, get todd warren custom ground cams. they are pretty much the same price as any other off the shelf 4.6 cam.

and even then 4Vs dont chop.

also what he said on the gear drive.
NO need to do any head work for a slightly-more-than-stock build. The B-head will outflow your intentions in stock form.

As was mentioned, your intentions for the car should dictate how you build it up.
Looking at your profile and pictures i do not see any performance modifications. I mention this because engine modifications on a first gen car are way down on the list of cost effective things to do to improve its performance. Plus wild cams that lobe in these cars would be a very expensive. Also time has proven this results in a very short life span. Here is an example that from what I've hear had a very short life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6AycCzASBU

When you start talking of modifying your Mark Vlll you need to understand that these cars are expensive to keep running to start with and even more expensive when you start modifying them.

Here is a video of my Mark Vlll, that I call Whiner. You need to define your purpose and budget, because once you start on the journey there are many things to consider. Like modifying your drive line to utilize the extra power, like tuning, like fuel systems, like suspension and sub frame connections. Just a lot to keep in mind. These aren't for the weak in the wallet.


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