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May 29, 2015
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I'm a new forum member (old LLSOC member from years ago). I have searched the net, and the site, and can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for so thought I'd try to find out asking in an "Oil Pan Removal thread" instead of starting a new one. I replied in that thread and then thought that maybe it would never be seen there so I'm starting a new thread. I apologize if that isn't okay.

I have a 2002 LSE, 3.0, manual trans car that I am going to change the oil pan gasket on. I've printed out the procedure from the oil pan removal link and have things pretty much under control I think (was under there recently doing my sway bar links and bushings). I bought an engine support off of ebay after looking around the net and calling several rental places with no luck. I thought about supporting the engine from the bottom but it looked like more trouble than it was worth, and saving the money from having the dealer do the repair, I thought the engine support would be worth it. And it would be more roomy underneath the car too.

Now my question, does anyone know the bolt size for the engine lift/support holes on the 2002 3.0 Duratec engine? I thought I would go to Orchard Supply and take a few candidates out to the parking lot and try them out. I tried a 12mm and 14mm (10.9 hardness) coarse thread and neither seemed to want to thread into the hole. I thought I should hit the net and just get the answer instead of using trial and error......... so far no luck. Which brought me to signing up to the forum and after a lot of keyword searching I can't find it here either.

Soooooooooo, does anyone know what size they are?

Thanks in advance, natsoj2
Why not use the existing bolts? Or you could remove one and go to a bolt sales and ask for duplicates. Good luck.

Why not use the existing bolts? Or you could remove one and go to a bolt sales and ask for duplicates. Good luck.


They are just empty threaded holes. I should be able to figure it out either by some more trial and error or maybe even calling a Lincoln service dept. I just thought someone here would know after having done the same thing. When I find out I will add it here in case someone else searches for the same info.
Okay, after much frustration, trial and error, I've found the bolt size for the lifting/support holes in the 2002 3.0 6 cylinder Duratec engine. They are M12-1.75 pitch. I used a 40mm length but I'm sure it could be smaller as I threaded them in a LONG way. I'll post in the 6 cylinder oil change thread too.

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