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Aug 14, 2005
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hey all ..
i have a 97 TC and the drivers window is no longer working.. this is the second time this has happened and both times the exact same thing happened i put the window down it went down about a 1/4 of the way and then it stopped it sounds like the window motor is "free wheeling" and when it stopped moving i head a loud pop or crack almost like plastic breaking i can hear the motor working but it does not move the window up and down the same thing happened about 2 yrs ago but at that time the car was under warranty so it was the dealers worry... but now i am out of warranty and want to fix this on my own... has any one else had this happen ? it seems to be a common problem .. i rarely open the drivers window as i hate wind noise and i ususally use the sun roof ... i was able to pull the window back up and it stayed there in the up posistion but now when i try the power window button it sounds like the motor is binding up i think it is the regulator but before i got tearing my beautiful interior apart i want to know what i am getting into so....
Help !!!!
any input is appreciated
towncarss :L
i have a 98 TC that I purchased these parts because the rear driver's window failed, but I got hit by a dump truck and it was repaired in that settlement.

Now my 95 cobra convertable passenger front window is failing, can i use the same parts & process to fix that?

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