Drive by wire heater hose question Gen 2


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May 30, 2017
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long island ny
I noticed a little hole in the hose and it was spraying into the throttle body so I cut it back put it back on cleaned it the best I can. What I'm getting now is intimate fail safe rough running when I said it back with my code it runs good for 10 miles give or take and then goes into fail safe with check brake again. I also noticed a little dribble of coolant coming out of the bottom of the throttle body doesn't seem to be by the pipe on the passenger side. I was wondering if I clamp down the feed which I believe comes off of the thermostat housing if that would remedy the problem till I can order the parts. Thanks always in advance your input fellas please. Let me know if anybody's been successful and had this problem before.
Any coolant in the TPS or the throttle motor is likely to cause permanent damage...
Yes, you can pinch off the throttle body heater hose, but you have to block both of them. If you block just one, coolant will back flow through the other one and out the same leak. Those hoses are a known weakness, especially the one that is part way under the intake. Replace them both.
If you pulled the throttle body to do the repair... you may have bent 1 or more of the pins in the connecting harness when plugging it back in.

You wouldn't be the first one to do that on this forum. Unplug the main plug that goes to the TB, and inspect for a broken or bent pin.

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