Doing a few mods this coming up week....


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Jul 26, 2004
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Memphis, TN
Well, I got my car about a week and I absolutely love it. Its black on black. I'm doing my first mod tomorrow to it. I'm going to do the Pennicle mod. Monday i'm going to tint the windows and later that week I might get some clear corners or something to that extent. I want a nice looking appearence mod. If you have any ideas on what I should do or what are some popular mods to do don't hessitate to voice your opinion. Thanks, Trey
What is a Pennicle mod?

I tinted my windows a month ago and it makes the car look much better. I also painted my calipers red. Have fun modding your car.


Thanks, Im sorry i'm still used to posting on the Harley Truck forum. The Pennicle mod is Pennicle wax. Its compared to Zaino but does twice as good on black and red cars. Where can I get some cool mods. I want to go with appearance first? Thanks, TreyB
If you would, please consider putting together some articles on the LS mods and general maintenence you guys do for our new Tech Article Section

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TreyB said:
...The Pennicle mod is Pennicle wax. Its compared to Zaino but does twice as good on black and red cars...
Is this stuff only available online? Or do local parts places carry it? I'm off to search Google on it now, too.. :)

Good luck with the new car! The LS is my next car, for sure. :)
They talk about this stuff like it was sent from a God for black cars on the Harley forum. The website is I used it on my Harley and the stuff did awesome, now i'm not taking anything away from Zaino but in my opinion I like pinnacle alot better. I would take some before and after pics but since I just got the car last week I don't think it'll be a huge difference but I will post pics of the finished product later this week. Take a look at the site and let me know what ya think. Thanks, TreyB

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