Does anyone have suggestions on reinforcement of screw posts on cup holder

Lincoln LS

  1. DaleGrib

    DaleGrib Dedicated LVC Member

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    May 14, 2018
    Arlen Texas
    The title says it all! I bought a new cup holder and does anyone have any ideas on making this thing last or any way to reinforce them dang screw posts? This is for a Gen 2 LS by the way. And I may have gotten lucky and sourced one of the last brand new cup holders for the LS and yep it is mismatched a bit but can't be too dang picky these days! It's not a tan one thankfully! I had a espresso one before which is Light stone and now I have the dark stone one.
  2. 04_Sport_LS

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    Jun 12, 2012
    Somewhere around Lake Erie
    Epoxy. Same for the button bezel above the radio... for the message center.
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