Do these work

They're effective in putting $7.89 in the seller's pocket. That's about it.
Thanks. I am mostly about the appearence rather then performance but i started looking into it and just came across that. I heard the Xcal is good but dont really know much about it.
here is the starting post on the XCal ->

then do a search on 'SCT Flasher' or 'XCal' and you have 1000 threads to read up on.

BTW - any of these silly 'chips' or 'performance boxes' on ebay are the same old 'trick the IAT sensor into thinking it is cold outside and run the car rich' - and they do not work on modern cars.
I heard those will give you a whole -5HP and a pretty check engine light, haha. ;)

I'll admit I tried this a few years back and it does nothing but give you a check engine light and no more noticable power. You need the XCAL 2 to feel any power at all.
absoulutely not. there are actually some electric units that work in smaller motors but they are seriously more massive than this and typically require their own power source. this would be nothing more than a restriction in your intake.

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