DIY Relay Harness For Aftermarket HID Head Lights 9007 Bi-Xenon


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Apr 19, 2015
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I put a Kensun 35w HID kit in my 2001 Navigator about a year ago. Last night as I was driving home from work, the headlights went dead. After looking around a little, I found the cheap relay controller box melted. Instead of waiting for another one to be ordered and shipped, I decided to wiring in my own relays with a little better ones with parts from the local auto parts.

1 (2).jpg

Here's a DIY wiring diagram I made of my setup using standard 5 pin relays. 4 pin relays will also work just as well.

The reason for 2 separate relays is that the first one of them powers the ballasts just on low beam input. The second one powers the ballasts and bulb solenoids on high beam input to make them move since this is a low/high beam setup from the same bulb (Same thing as a 2 filament halogen bulb setup).

5 Pin HID DIY Relay Installation Bi-Xenon 9007 Low High Bulb.png
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