Disposing of a 1997 Mark VIII

Lincoln Mark VIII

  1. Denna

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    Mar 3, 2012
    Regarding a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII base model, silver frost, gray interior with chrome rims under 76,000 miles. It is not in driveable condition and is in fair to good condition.

    After years of working on this car and putting thousands into keeping it up, I've decided to let this car go to someone else.

    I don't know what this car is worth.

    What would be the best choice to get the maximum value ?
    a) Sold as a donor car
    b) Parted out piece by piece over time
    c) Sold to a salvage yard or recycling center​

    It is not driveable for at least the following reasons:
    a) The center rear tail light does not work (water ingress)
    b) The brakes need to be bled
    c) The driver's seat controls or motor don't work
    d) The neutral safety is preventing the engine from being started possibly from corrosion
    e) The car has not been started in almost 4 years
    f) Passenger front air suspension air bag may be leaking causing all air bags to deflate
    g) Car battery needs replacement​

    There are too many new parts with no mileage:
    a) Eight platinum spark plugs
    b) One fuel injector
    c) Fuel filter
    d) Cleaned K&N air filter
    e) All new cooling system and heater hoses
    f) Flushed cooling system with coolant
    g) Synthetic oil filter and oil
    h) 4 new tires
    i) Brake pads, rotors, calipers and hydraulic hoses on all wheels
    j) 3 air suspension air bags (both rear and driver front)
    k) Fuel cap
    l) Starter​

    Other issues:
    a) Water has leaked past both door seals staining the door panels
    b) Side door panels paint has peeled
    c) Climate control system will lock on heat when set to 84 or above. Will return to cooling when the battery is disconnected and reconnected.
    d) A vehicle had backed into the rear trunk, but this was repaired by the insurance company's collision repair shop.
    e) The paint or clear coat is peeling on the trunk lid.
    f) The driver door's fuel release button doesn't open the fuel lid. Using the trunk fuel release works.
    g) The driver's seat leather is peeling
    h) The glove compartment door will not shut
    i) Body paint shows chips, scratches and peeling (lower front bumper)
    j) The engine has blown out two spark plugs, but these were repaired with Helicoil type inserts.
    k) After a full fuel top off, the fuel gauge shows 3/4 full
    l) Driver sun visor cloth has deteriorated
    m) The fuel door is dented​

    There may be other issues, but these are the most memorable.

    Prior to the neutral safety preventing cranking, the engine always started on the first crank. Shell V-Power fuel was used 95% of the time.
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  2. slowmkviii

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Elk River, MN
    I need a good motor but I'm probably to far away.
    No money in salvage yards
    Parting out is a lot of work and time
    Donor if you can get what you want from it
  3. ljay99

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    Aug 24, 2005
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
    do u still have the car and photos?
  4. Denna

    Denna Well-Known LVC Member

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    Mar 3, 2012

    The car is in central Florida and the buyer would have to arrange pickup there.

    I can upload photos for interested buyers.

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