differences between sport and non sport models.

Most of the pimp LSes I see hover around crappy cities. Trenton, Camden, Perth Amboy, the shore (guidos galore). Everywhere else, they're just bone stock downsized Town Cars. But hey, we all have different experiences and different groups gravitating towards the LS.

I haven't seen any special paint other than plastidip in the last few years. Usually limited to blacking out the chrome on non-black cars
That top almost makes that LS look like a hatchback. Reminds me of the Cadillac Seville.


Oh ,,i see,,,NJ,,familiar with ghettos. :)

where they spray paint their cars with BBQ flat black all over the chrome so they can " cruise" in stealth mode ! :)

That sounds more like every redneck ever, except they use spray-on bed liner instead of paint. The rich rednecks pull the parts off and take them by their local LineX dealer.

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