Desperate Help Needed!! '03 LS V8 Randomly Dies

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    Hello! This is a last resort for me, as I've been searching this forum and many others for answers; I finally decided to set up an account and beg for help. Here's the problem. The car starts and runs just fine when it is cold (the engine temp.) but once the engine warms it will just randomly die. It doesn't make any weird noises or just dies. like somebody turned the key. But here's where it gets weird. After dying, it will start right back up with no fuss at all and run for a while.....until it dies again, but after it dies it starts right back up. :confused:

    Not sure if this is related or not, but a while ago I was on the road with it and it broke down. At first it felt like it downshifted hard...but then it did that same sort of hard downshift feeling again and again and pretty soon it was was constantly doing this. I still had the gas depressed so it was accelerating and then stalling so I was getting thrown around in the car from this. Is this confusing? I'll sum it up....Basically car started stalling and then regaining power repeatedly and ever more frequently until it finally just died. Waited 1 1/2 hours to be towed 20min back home :mad:.

    After it was towed back I tried to start it and it was running horribly and revving itself demonically and then stalling before eventually dying...all while sitting in park in my driveway. I eventually figured that the coils & plugs had gone bad so I knocked out the valve cover gasket job and it fixed the demonic revving issues....but now it is having the issue i mentioned in the first paragraph. PLEASE HELP ME!!

    To Recap:
    Car runs fine when cold but once it warms up it will abruptly die like someone turned the key off. It starts right back up but after a while it will die again.

    It has new valve cover gaskets
    New mass air flow sensor
    New battery
    New throttle body in '08
    New thermostat in '08 too
    New coolant hoses
    New Catalytic Converters
    All fuses are working

    My thoughts..
    Crankshaft Position Sensor? But I cant figure out where it is located on my car
    Camshaft position sensors? Also cant find those :mad:
    Intermittent Fuel Pump? I checked to see if it was working (It was) but that doesn't mean it couldn't be randomly cutting out.

    Can anyone please help me? Please!!

    2003 Lincoln LS V8 (non-sport model)
    Manufacture Date 05/03
    Options (because yes, it is important to know what options my car has ;))
    Automatic Trans.
    Computer Information System (but not navi)
    Heated/Cooled front seats (but no heat to rears)
    Sunroof (was this an option? i don't remember..)
    17" chrome wheels

    Please Help! Thanks for reading! (if you made it this far)

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