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Sep 2, 2018
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Bloomington, IN
After searching the forum I am still unsure which wire harness I need.

2001 LS V8 Sport which came with Alpine 6-disc CD and center console speakers. No factory amp or subs.

I installed an aftermarket head unit a few years ago, but was unable to connect my center speakers or my aftermarket amp due to the incorrect harness.

I am asking for part numbers or links to the correct harness that will allow my center speakers to work, as well as, the ability to install my amp.

Many thanks!
That is for the center channel and rear subs. If you don't have them (rear subs) like I didn't then you need to either find one at a wrecker and pull the amp and harness or order this connector to plug in to the harness in the trunk ( joe can correct me but I believe he said that all models equipped or not have the harness going to the back)


You could also try this. This is what I used on my 02 V8 Premium Sport that came with the same Alpine 6 CD THX system.

Thanks for your contribution. Looking through that link is very confusing because Amazon says it does not fit, but within the Q&A some say it will fit, and others say it won’t.

I have installed several systems in several different makes and this is by far the biggest headache I’ve had. Even my friend who used to do professional installs said he won’t help because “f*ck that car” lol
It fits. I got it because it included all three plugs but I think I ended up using just two of them. The only problem with the factory THX system is it is a single channel line input to each of the center and sub amps. The sub usually isn't a problem since most systems only use a one channel feed but you'll have to connect the center image amp to either the left or right channel. I connected mine to the right. But you can also get a y-cable to connect both left and right to the single input for it. I've got one I just haven't gotten around to putting it in yet.
Your verification definitely eases my concern. Out of curiosity, what kind of head unit are you running?

I’ve always been an Alpine fan, and being that the stock HU is Alpine it just felt right to throw another one in. Got lucky and found a W265BT for about half price, NIB.
...The only problem with the factory THX system is it is a single channel line input to each of the center and sub amps. T....

This is true of all the LS audio, not just the THX nav option.
The THX does not have the front center speakers.
Connecting the front center speakers to anything but the factory radio with the DSP designed for them, is going to hurt your stereo imagine. It will sound better without them.

The only LS radio that was a THX system is the factory nav system. It won't begin to work with any of the adapters out there. Neither of you have/had THX.
As I don't have the thx I don't have as many issues. But as far as I can tell, when you go aftermarket, and want to retain all the original, you are going to be stuck with buying 2 sets of adapters, and mix and matching them unfortunately. I modified my kit that came in the car with my own RCA's. But for a cleaner build now I have all my equipment I bought the proper adapter for the mach 460 system with the built in RCA's and shields.
What joe said thanks again Joe, but also...would it really hurt to have the center channel work as a legit center channel? I am running the factory amps front and rear, a 4 ch for the doors, and a 2 ch for a pair of extra 8" subs in the trunk. But the front center I am going to set my eq to feed the center with a legit center channel source + high pass filter....what combos have you tried with the center so I can know what to avoid
In my experience, since the "center speakers" are to the driver's right and the passenger's left, it just messes with the stereo imaging.
My mistake on the THX. I thought all the Alpine 6 CD systems were THX. Oh well.
I have the center hooked up on mine and it seems to sound fine. Though I'm not an extreme audiophile only a minor audiophile.
Lincoln was proud of the THX certification. They put THX badges on the door speakers on the THX nav systems, as well as having the logo on the nav splash screen.

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