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Dec 6, 2020
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So, I'm new here, have a 2006 LS 3.9L. 150,000 mi. after removing and replacing intake manifold for an engine miss and gasket leak, I started chasing a cooling problem after reassembly. I had replaced some of the cooling components since I was there; water pump, radiator, thermostat and housing, etc. Finally found problem, after market thermostat and housing. the cooling fans kept coming on, top hose hot, lower hose cool, not overheating, BUT OEM cured it. the after market housing and thermostats are not the same! even if they are rated same temp. the engineering and design don't work like OEM. and OEM on line not that expensive.
You learned the hard way... just like many other members also learned the hard way.

It's been preached over and over on the LS forum... NEVER use aftermarket cooling system parts on the LS.

I see you have 150k on yours. If the T-stat housing is the only thing you have replaced... you may want to "budget in" another $800 or so for all of the rest of the cooling system components... and do the cooling system rebuild all at once.

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