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  1. smegun

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    Aug 5, 2018
    deltona, fl
    hey the fan has the possibility to run high especially after a brain reboot I find that improper coolant level the answer usually I fill then run the engine a few then add more coolant and purge rather than make a run out of experience for this issue .. the fan settles usually the second run … I see a lot of posts concerned about the hydraulics of the fan but I wonder if its too immediate of an observation ???? :/ (that the fan is running too fast just after electrical disconnection or coolant job) ... evaporation/ leak out on the road with high speed fan ? somewhere between a few ounces of coolant pull over let it cool add some coolant yea the meter says in the middle the next its on the high to limp side there seems to be a tiny reservoir of intelligence here ive also done a scan and noticed in one of the settings says a temp sensor is the North bridge with a Prescott CPU while doing this job but I have a gen 1 and more complicated forscan is currently harrowing
    past experiences with the SMB bus and using binary logic for a physical switch is not advisable (acts like a switch doesn't tell you anything ) .. highest point the t stat housing using the A/C directs the hot water away from the heater core otherwise its a PNP vs. NPN always on seldom off circuit kind of hardwater for an electrical device
  2. Benjaminws

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    Mar 28, 2018
    Naples Florida
    If this was in response to my overheating post thank you, I'll try the coolant, kinda figured it might be that, hopefully that fixes the problem
  3. 04_Sport_LS

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    Jun 12, 2012
    Somewhere around Lake Erie

    He's been having his own cooling system issues for quite a while now.

    It's hard to figure out what his actual problem is, due to a language barrier, so it's hard to diagnose.

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