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Oct 17, 2005
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I recently had my oil changed and the guy told me I had a coolant leak. I'm at abot 78,000 miles and the car has been good to me so far. What price range should I be looking forward to for repair? Also, what other repairs should I look forward to in the near future? (tune up, brakes, etc....)
It’s impossible to know price range unless we know what’s leaking.
Where is the coolant leak radiator, waterpump etc...?
I believe its in the waterpump. I will take it in this weekend to see for sure. Has anyone had experience with the waterpump or radiator leaking?
Replacing water pump is not unusual. From what I understand it’s not a difficult job. What year is your STS? If you want to do the job yourself you can buy parts at good prices at An ACDelco water pump for a 95 STS at rockauto sells for $44.79 and a new gasket will cost about $6.25.

I replaced my radiator about 5 months ago due to a leak in the right side plastic tank. The radiator cost about $160 and installation wasn’t difficult. It was not an ACDelco, but so far it’s working perfectly.
I have a 98 STS. I'll look up the website and see if I can just do it myself. It wouldn't hurt to learn how to do it. It will save me some cash and probably some time.
Have you invested in a factory sevice manual? Its worth its weight in gold. Chilton & Haynes fix-it manuals are worthless when it comes to the N*.
Before your spring for a waterpump, check the waterpump cover gasket. It is prone to leak. It's design has been changed several times. It is cheap, and easy to change.

Several responders are right on: Northstar engines, while excellent, are known for water pump gasket failures - fairly common. Could be the water pump, but likely just the gasket.

I just had a new pump & gasket put on my 2000 STS w/96k last month. A local reliable mechanic, who's hard to beat in price, charged me just over $200 complete.

Good luck.

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