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    Sep 13, 2017
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    Hi everyone! I own a 2002 Lincoln LS V8, she has a rebuilt engine, and I purchased after the rebuild so I do not know the actual miles. 2 months ago she started overheating, I changed the thermostat first, still overheating. I then searched and found the infamous degas bottle is always cracking, low and behold, mine was cracked. Ordered a new one, changed it out. Went to burp the system and could not get the thermostat housing cap off because it was burned/melted to the housing. Ordered a new housing unit, another new thermostat, a new drain plug and original factory coolant. Changed the housing unit (the back 2 bolts were awful & a serious pain to get out, then even worse to put back in), the thermostat again, the degas bottle I had just put in so it's brand new, changed all those crap factory clamps to adjustable clamps, filled her with coolant after draining all the old coolant out, then started the burp process. Fill the degas bottle to full, open the heater bleed valve, open tstat housing and fill with coolant to the max, start the car and turn heat to max, when the heater bleed valve has a stream of coolant close it, run the car on idle for 5 minutes and reopen the bleed valve to release any trapped air, then run at 2,000 rpms for 3-5 minutes or until hot air blows from the vents, once hot air came from the vents return the car to idle and turn temp down to 75 degrees and make sure hot air is still blowing from vents (it was) run car at idle for 2 minutes, shut off and cool completely, add more coolant to degas bottle if needed (it stayed full, never needed to add more after the inital fill). Then I drove her last night, she was climbing in temp to above the mid mark, almost to 3/4 then the fans would kick on, and tstat would open and she would cool down to mid. I didn't drive her much because I didn't love that she was climbing in temp. Parked it for the night and went to drive today, got in drove about 6 minutes, the temp gauge was not even at mid and BAM the the coolant flange blows and coolant goes EVERYWHERE, brought it right home and here we sit. I am lost! Brand new degas bottle, thermostat housing, thermostat, clamps, hoses were all in good condition, I know I need to replace the flange, but I have no clue why or how this would happen. Anyone have any idea? Please, I am not a mechanic but I have followed everything exactly, but this to me is crazy! How could this happen when everything else is new? What have I not changed that could cause this?

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    Your 'wall-to-wall' paragraph has me somewhat cross-eyed. If you hadn't replaced that part, it's likely that it's past its usability point. If it's a new part, it's faulty. In either case, replacing it and going through the refill process once again will probably have you singing.

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    The "coolant flange" as you are calling it, burst because the plastic cooling system parts "rot" (for want of a more accurate word) over time and fail. When one goes, the rest are all close behind.

    You really don't need two threads on the same problem. Stay with the thread you started on: Lincoln Ls V8
    Otherwise, you are wasting time getting repeat advice. (This is just my opinion, I don't make or enforce any rules here.)
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