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Lincoln LS

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    Aug 5, 2018
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    .... anyway so last night running forscan was getting too hot today i opened the fill and noted the bottle down quite a bit from being high to low the fill was down too enough to put a bottle of water in no sign of water on my garage floor :) purging and bleeding may not be enough you have to follow the manual letting the vehicle cool overnight and vacuum down the coolant today forscan is telling me im 209 deg. and no fan revs think i may have got it ...but who is to say a good rule is no immediate observation is correct ...think i might have a claim on the hourly rates

    On all engines
    17. Set the heater temperature setting to 24° C (75° F) and allow the vehicle to idle for two minutes.
    18. Shut the engine off and allow to cool.
    19. After the engine has cooled, add coolant to the degas bottle to bring the level to the cold fill
    MAX mark.

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