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Mar 16, 2004
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Every year we're impressed by the fanciful designs presented by Rinspeed Design, and unlike many auto show concepts, these cars usually function as claimed. This year's technical marvel is the Splash, a 137-hp turbocharged, natural-gas powered sports car that promises top speeds of 125 mph on land, but which also turns into a watertight stern-drive amphibious vehicle thanks to cleverly integrated hydraulics that deploy at the touch of a button. An additional integrated hydrofoil system enables the Splash to 'fly' at an altitude of about two feet above the surface and up to speeds of 45 knots (about 50 mph) on smooth water--fast enough for water skiing or knee boarding. Splash is built of multi-layered carbon composite (a state-of-the-art plastic mainly used in Formula One racing) with buoyancy chambers inside for additional lift on the water--and a bilge pump, just in case... Purely a concept, the Rinspeed Splash claims to be the first and only sports car in the world that can drive, swim, and fly over water.

I want one is all I know!!! What could be more fun then driving to the lake then into it!! You just keep going! lol :) A friend sent this i am not sure where he found it but it is very different and cool.



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