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  1. TDUB

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    Apr 30, 2007
    In my LS's bulletproof trunk
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    After 12 years I'm getting out of the LS game for good and selling off my treasure trove of parts in the process.

    If you've been searching high and low for an LSE kit to no avail, this may just be your lucky day.

    This is what I believe was the last complete CDC (Classic Design Concepts) LSE kit ever sold.

    Shortly after purchasing my first 2001 Lincoln LS in 2006, I began a relentless search to find an LSE kit. I even contacted CDC only to find out that the kit was no longer made and they no longer had any back stock (or so they thought.)

    This kit popped up on eBay just a few months later in the summer of 2007. I believe they found it in the back of the warehouse.

    I bought it, started priming it, and then received multiple quotes around $6,000 to respray my car because it was a tri-coat pearlescent.

    This put things on hold, I ended up finding my dream Cobra shortly thereafter, and the LS was put on the back burner with this sitting in the rafters since.

    The only portion of this kit that I ever mounted was the upper grille portion which was on my car for less than 2,000 miles as I ended up purchasing a black McLaren grille as well.

    This kit will come with everything that I purchased it with including the following:
    1. CDC Front LSE Bumper.
    2. CDC Left & Right LSE Side Skirts
    3. CDC LSE Lower Rear Valance
    4. LSE style Fog Lights w/ Mounting Brackets
    5. CDC LSE Upper Mesh Grille Insert
    6. CDC LSE Upper Mesh Grill Mounting Bracket.
    7. CDC LSE Lower Mesh Grille Insert.
    8. CDC LSE Exhaust Tips.
    9. CDC LSE Front Floor Mats.
    I'm asking $1,500 shipped for the entire kit in the lower 48, or $1,200 picked up locally (which is less than I paid for it originally.) I am located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    If you've been searching for an LSE kit without any luck, I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with this kit.

    Front Bumper 1.jpg

    Front Bumper 3.jpg

    Rear Valance 1.jpg

    Rear Valance 2.jpg

    Rear Valance 3.jpg

    Side Skirts 1.jpg

    Side Skirts 2.jpg

    Upper Grille 1.jpg

    Upper Grille 2.jpg

    Lower Grille.jpg

    Fog Lights 1.jpg

    Fog Lights 2.jpg

    Exhaust Tips.jpg

    Exhaust Tips 1.jpg

    Exhaust Tips 2.jpg

    Exhaust Tips 3.jpg


    Front Bumper 3.jpg
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  2. TDUB

    TDUB Dedicated LVC Member

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    Apr 30, 2007
    In my LS's bulletproof trunk
    Also, for reference here's a couple of shots I found of this kit installed on previous member's cars.


    Installed 2.jpg

    Installed 3.jpg
  3. LS4LYFE

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    Sep 16, 2017
    Sucks most don't know the rarity of this kit. I wish so bad I had the mny for it.

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