Coil Pack Malfunction Questions


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Dec 25, 2004
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Butler PA
I have a question on the coil pack issue. I guess first off is possibly seeing a few bad ones at 57k on a '00 common, (I won't say normal because I know it's not good). Is Ford or Lincoln covering these after the fact? I see to be seeing a common thread of people all over the place talking about packs failing, and it is premature.

The other side of the CP thing, doe these go bad all together or do they kinda hang on and make life miserable? I had a '97 Grand Marquis with 150k on it and I had the two, 4 coil packs on it with the plug wires running over the front of the motot, I never had any trouble with it. I know on some older cars, and oddly enough farm tractors, the coils would fail only after they get hot, then once they cool down, would again function. Is the same true here? My car seems to run best if it is not run for a day, then it runs great till it warms up, then gets that little annoying misfire...

Yes, I too need the valve cover gaskets, because I smell oil once in a blue moon. I looked at the passenger side CPs and did see a little oil on the snouts of the CPs. The wells were not flooded with oil, but there was some present. How much it acceptable? I had enough that if you were to grab the snout in one hand, you could pull it out with the other hand. Is the oil burning on the plug or inside of the coil pack causing the HV side to short, or is the coil itself bad? If it's a matter of cleaning the oil out of the well and snout, no biggie, it's worth a try for 35 bucks a CP.

Sorry for the 20 questions routine, but that's the only way you learn. I'm a Doube E by trade, but that also means I probably try to fix more than I should too!! Thanks!

The leaky oil burns and causes the coil to blow. I dont think they need much to blow, only a small amount in the spark plug well. Once they blow, they are done for. All 4 coil packs dont have to be replaced at the same time, and it would be a waste of money to invest in any more until after the gaskets are replaced. Otherwise they will continue to blow.

As far as I know, Ford will not cover the packs under any warranty because I had to pay for mine each time.

I have no idea why Ford didnt put a recall on the valve cover gaskets since it is all too common a problem.

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