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Feb 12, 2007
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So I have a 2001 LS V8 with the sports package and twice in the last two weeks I have had to take it into the stealership to replace a coil. The first time I had taken it in I had actually been running on 7 cylinders for quite some time I believe. My power was slowly decreasing to the point where I didn’t realize I had lost as much power as I had, and after I got it replaced my car ran GREAT. That lasted a week. I went back and fixed the next coil and sure enough my car was back to the power it was made for. Now three days later I am in the same situation again. I am beginning to think it is a good idea to just replace all of them so it saves me the $75 diagnostic fee I have to pay every time to see which is broken. It makes sense that once one fails, they will all fail soon due to the fact that they probably came off the assembly line at the same time. I know a lot of people are having trouble with this. My question is if I should pray that maybe not all of my coils with fail and maybe save some money, or if I should suck it up and give the Lincoln dealership the next down payment on their new financial endeavor of finding new and improved ways to spend my money, and replace the remaining six? Or even if I should have the dealership fix it? What has been everyone’s experience with it? Have all of yours failed around the same time or did anyone luck out and only have to replace, lets say three? :(

If it's the same coil every time, check the plug well and see if there's oil in there. Leaking valve cover gaskets are a known killer of coils on these cars.

Do some searchin' on here, and you're bound to find a TON of threads about coils going bad.

Welcome aboard and good luck :Beer
When I had my coil problems, I would have one fixed then two weeks later another and every two weeks until they were all changed. Then after that was the valve covers. All the coil packs were done under warranty so I didn't pay a diagnostic fee or for anything else. The dealer wouldn't change them all out at once because they didn't want to risk them all being bad and lose money. If I were in your situation, I would just change the rest of them out. You will save a few bucks on the diagnostics and you will feel more comfortable driving your car knowing they were all fixed. Most likely they will all go bad. They did for me. Just my opinion. After that if you see smoke coming from under the hood, get your valve covers replaced. The good news (for me at least) was once all this was fixed, my car runs great and haven't had any problems related to coils or covers. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Yeah its a different coil every time. The mechanic told me that they actually replace them with a newer version of the coil which doesnt have the same problems as the earlier models. I will most likely just replace the rest of them and hopefully I won't have too many more problems. I have already had to replace two wheel bearings and an alternator in the past year and being a college student doesn't help. (also what is the advantage of having a fuel injected alternator which costs hundreds more than your average one? the average one on my old car did it's job just great, its not like anyone is sending this car to the moon.) Its a shame because I absolutley LOVE this car when its not in the shop. Thanks for the feedback.
The mechanic told me that they actually replace them with a newer version of the coil which doesnt have the same problems as the earlier models.

To my recollection, this issue has nothing to do with coil version, it's all about leaky valve cover gaskets that are most likely shorting them out.
When I said wheel bearing I meant my ball joint. Sorry for that. I thought it was basically the same thing except that the ball joint is a assembly peice. I only needed part of it but in order to fix what was wrong I had to buy the whole thing. And when I did replace my first coil I asked the dealership what had caused them to fail, how long should I expect them to last, etc. He had told me that I shouldn't have to worry about the new ones at least because they were having so many problems with the originals and that the newly installed ones were actually an updated model. Can't say i know if he is telling the truth or not, I have had huge problems with them in the past. I actually refuse to work with one guy (and i think he refuses to work with me) over a heated debate we had gotten into.
This is only a suggestion but for everybody with a very early model LS, I would pick up a warranty that will cover all the things that go wrong with this vehicle in its early stages. It will save you some money. I have seen way to many coil posts by newbies, then some people that have been on here for a long time all of a sudden get the curse of the coils as well. But the thing is that is not where it seems to stop, thats where it seems to start. There are so many problems that accrue like clock work to the earlier models.
So I decided to suck it up and just replace the rest of the coils today (six) and ended up paying $599.01 at the dealership compared to the $522.00 i spent for the earlier two. You do the math. My advice is to just replace them all at once. Saves you the money, the time, and the hassel.

Okay, I'll break it down for you... Nice and Simple... If you don't have a leak in your cam cover / valve cover (whatever your prefer to call it) and you've already had to get two coils replaced, at the cost of the coil, labor and a $75 diag. fee... It might not be a bad idea to do all of them. You are correct in assuming that they most likely came from the same batch. Given this, it would be safe to assume that baring outside influence, they will have generally the same life span.

If you have an oil leak... Then replace the gaskets and replace the damaged coils. The shorting of the coil is causing excess heat build-up and destroying the coil.

Hope that helps
I just replaced 5 coils & plugs....$1100. And the last 3 will need to b done soon...pissin me the f*** off!
Toughskinn, I don't understand how you spend $1100 on five coils. Did you replace them all separately, or at the same time? I spent $599 on six coils all replaced at the same time and the $520 for two being replaced separately. You must have replaced them separately. And if you didn’t, where did you go? I went to the Lincoln dealership and you cant get any more expensive than that.
2002 LSE V8. Purchased new with 10 miles on in 12/2002. 80k miles.

All original coils, runs perfectly. Did, however, have the valve cover gasket job done, and plugs replaced with Bosch (hey..they work fine for me) a year ago.

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