CHT Sensor Torque Specs?

Lincoln LS

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    Feb 27, 2014
    01 v6 ls

    In the shop manual I have, there are 2 different torque specs listed in 2 different areas. When I first looked it up, I initially saw 16lb/ft, which is what I used when reinstalling the cylinder head temp sensor last night. This caused the sensor to completely snap in half in the threaded area. I had to extract what was left which wasn't an issue. After breaking it, I double checked the torque specs and found another section in the manual which lists it at 11lb/ft. My only thought is that the higher torque is for a new sensor, while the lower torque is for reinstalling an old sensor.

    I've got a new BWD sensor ready to install because no dealer had the motorcraft in stock. I'm just wondering if anyone could clear this up for me, as I'm not sure where to go from here. Definately don't wanna break another one..

    Thanks for any help, Nate

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