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Jul 12, 2009
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My check ride control warning came on about a week ago. I scaned it and no codes showed up. The front seems more rough over bumps, but it could be my imagination. I changed the rear bags and air dryer about two years ago. I checked to see if any of the sensors moved and they are all tight. Any advice would help.
If it is a 1997-2002 it has regular coils up front, no air struts. The dryer and bags may be fine, but depending on age, the compressor is most likely on it's way out.
Do you hear the compressor turn on? And post pics of your conti.
Yes, the compressor works just fine and it adjusts as necessary. Now when I drive the car it rides good for about five minutes. Then, the check ride control warning comes on and the front feels like the struts tighten up and it is real rough over bumps.
i'm going to guess, that as you are driving, the air bags are leaking down and eventually get so low that the air ride computer gives up and they go flat. no air in the bags will mean you're on bump stops. the stiff ride.
This makes no sense, if the car in your avatar is yours than that is a 98-02 and there are no air springs in the front. If the front end is tightening up it could be the front steel coils, or even the control arms. In 1997 they stopped putting air struts on the front of the Continentals.

What year is your car? Need to know because if it is standard coils up front than it is not the air suspension causing issues in the front end.
Ok, got the car checked out and it was some bad ball joints up front so I fixed that and the front is fine. The driver rear sensor is throwing a code. Firestone says they cant work on it and said take it to dealer who charges $90 just to look at it. The bags are practically brand new. It fills and releases when I get in and out just fine so the sensor works I just dont know why the warning.
If Go to American Air Suspension (web site in my sig) call Eddie he'll let you know what you need. Don't go to a dealer .. they will just charge you big bucks for a little information and all new OEM parts for which they'll charge you too much.

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