Burnt coils?


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Jan 14, 2023
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All three on the driver side look like this to different degrees. What could be going on here? I can't see the other 3 yet.


Replacement of all of those coils (COPs) is a really good idea, but I don't see anything "burnt" about them. I see rust where water has been pouring on them from the wiper cowl. You need to get the $5 wiper cowl seal repair kit if it is still available, otherwise get some weather striping and improvise something. The dabs of RTV on the coils is because the latches on the coil connectors (harness side) have broken, so the RTV is one of a few ways to keep them plugged in without actually replacing the connector housings.
Yep, looking at them a little closer today. You are right on the spot
I bought new coils on ebay on the cheap and they worked well. Now i go to the wrecker yard and pull coils from wrecked cars for a song. Some people are stuck on Motorcraft parts, they maybe better but these are old cars now. They are just not worth pumping money into.
I know what happens when water gets in the hole youll get a flag plus a bucky feeling thought they ohm out to something more or less a coil impedance should match
I have the cowl off now. I guess I will have to fabricate a seal. Does anyone know the Ford part # for the gasket? to keep water out?
previous hack techs can’t call autozone and get the connector repair kit lol
@tireman dont take offence to this but if you ever decide to sell your worthless old LS let me know. I might be interested in buying it from you since its worthless .

There are a few members on here that have close to, or around 300k miles on their LS's.

With an attitude like yours... you might as well park yours at the salvage yard now.
Right I’m nearing 290 thousand some things you can get by with going cheap but them coils is definitely not it lol

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