Bringing my car back to life


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Aug 26, 2008
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Hey guys, as you know I've been gone awhile. Allot has happened to my car since I've been gone. Sold my halos, sold my sentas, my OZ Wheels, and my fondmetals. Also sold my intake. About 3 ago i got my bumper repainted because the wife backed into it. Well one month later my drywall guy backed into it and destroyed it. So now is in shop again getting new bumper and the whole front end repainted. I will be posting pics of progress as i go. I also plan to recover the driver seat and rear seat bottom. Also front and rear rotors and pads. For now here is my Wheels fresh from shop...



Just went by shop to check my car out, freshly painted bumper and front end... next is polish up headlights

Car is looking good even with stock wheels. Make sure you go 285/35 in the back.
so they're painted not powdercoated? any chance you have a paint code or something for that silver?

Do powdercoat. It will last longer and is sturdier. I received my Tucanas painted and they are already chipping from road debris and around the lug nut holes.
Swamp thing?

your avatar kinda looks like your car is crawling out of a swamp!

I remember somebody else saying something along those lines back when you changed it and was showing those pictures
so they're painted not powdercoated? any chance you have a paint code or something for that silver?

Ya i have it, it's a gm color, 519F. As far as powder coating goes, i don't think they have a metallic finish like paint does, could be wrong but if you have an inferior paint job it will chip much more easier. They came painted from factory so i would say if you take care of them you will be fine. Also having the paint baked after makes a huge difference in the durability.
Yea man, your car looks like it emerged from a swamp in that photo. Epic

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