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May 3, 2006
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Here are some pictures of the 2001 Lincoln ls Black for the Winter and the 2000 Lincoln LS Light Parchment for the summer. Both V8`s. I swappd the rims cause I think it would look better on both. The black one has the polished
16`s and the other one has the silver 17`s.
The black one I just bought and replaced the engine with a 38000 mile one. also replaced the rear regulator, starter, and cooling fan pump. (which never fixed my fan problem. It doesn't come on at all but spins by hand no problem) If its not the fan motor, then what is left??

Also have the lse grille waiting to get put on and looking for a 2003+ header panel to upgrade to OEM HID headlights.




i hate you; you and your two LS's. How is that? Going from one to another is there a noticeable difference?
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It looks like you have three LS's there. I see one in the background that has the LSE front fascia on it. Is it the same cars as the one you pictured from behind?
There is some difference but its all wear and tare. The black car has more pick up and go. But I imagine thats because the motor has 60 000km less. The ride is tighter in the black one and rides quiter then the tan one. I now see some front end work that needs to be done to the tan car. But other then that and the colour ther is no difference.

I did state in my message that they were both v8`s

Yes the light parchment 2000 is the one with the 2006 front bumper and lights. I wish I had 3

I love the fact that I have 2 of these beautiful cars. Hopefully the repairs will be done with the black one soon its seems to be non-ending. The tan one has been great since I bought it 5 years ago. No problems but if you stay on top and do the regular maintence they usually don't give you problems.
You can get LS's for quite cheap now...I bought my 02 for $17k with 21k miles almost 2yrs ago, and just recently we got a 00 with 90k miles for $6k from auction, which was sold for $9k

quite the difference....i should have bought 2 from auction and made one nice

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