Brake Fluid Capacity


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Feb 13, 2010
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Does anyone know how much brake fluid these cars take? I will be changing my fluid soon, and it's on sale right now :D

It's also not listed in my owner's manual.

Idk, look in th OM? I kno they have fluid capacities towards the back of the book
Yeah, that's the first thing I did. The capacity isn't listed, only that DOT3 is recommended.
I've read that a 32oz bottle will refill a brake system and give you enough to bleed the system aswell.

Hope this helps!
I used over one (maybe two I don't remember) big jug of brake fluid when i sucked out the old & put new in. I would buy two big ones for sure.
I would step up to DOT4 when replacing, it will increase the boiling point, Castro makes a good one and easy to find.
Yep, I was planning on going with DOT4 :). Picked up 2x32oz today, just in case. Thanks guys!


Now just to make my own DIY bleeder.
I got a hand-pump vaccuum tester/bleeder I used. Makes doing it without a helper easier. Used a 32-oz jug and got it done. Seemed to work fine. Also went with DOT4.

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