bluejet = Bad Buyer!


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May 3, 2004
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Waynesboro, PA
bluejet contacted me almost two weeks ago about buying a set of wheels. He lead off the conversation making it clear that he would only be able to make payments every other week when he was paid. I was willing to hold the wheels for him with a deposit, even though it was going to take the better part of two months to get all of the money. I sent him an invoice through PayPal and all was well.

A few days ago he contacted me asking about painting the wheels for him. We messaged back and forth about color and how he would like them done. I made no attempt to charge him more for the extra work and money to do this for him. He then followed up a day or so later claiming to have received his tax return sooner than expected and that he would like to pay for the wheels all at once. I figured something was up when he asked for a refund of the deposit and a new invoice for the full amount...but ultimate I would not keep his money if he did not buy the wheels anyway, so I went ahead and did just that.

Now he will not respond to any of the messages I have sent him, despite logging on several times after they are sent. He cancelled the payment request this morning, without any comment or contact with me. Looking through his posts, it is apparent that he is shopping around other wheels for sale on the forum. As I said, I would return his money no matter what if he was not buying the wheels; it is the way he went about it that is shady and unethical. If he would have messaged me and said he was no longer interested I certainly would be annoyed, but at least then it would have been an honest ending to a poor transaction. Fortunately I did not dismount the tires and actually take the time to paint the wheels as he had requested yet, otherwise I would not have refunded the deposit.

CLIFF NOTES: bluejet wasted two weeks of my time and could have cost me money/energy on refinishing wheels he had committed to buying. He lied and backed out of the sale and will not longer respond to my messages. Seller beware!

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