Blown front and rear struts for 91 4.9 eldorado

bobs 91 eldorado

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Sep 3, 2005
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Went to take the car for a front end alignment after hitting a box(with something in it) ion the freeway(I couldn,t avoid hitting it).

The shop told me that the front and rear struts are shot..

My question is this: There is a 1987 Eldorado at the local junkyard..

Are the front and rear suspension components the same for a 1987 as they are for a 1991?

I,m hoping I can salvage front and rear suspension parts from the 1987 and use them on my 1991..

I looked at schematics for both vehicles and the parts look the same..

Any help would be appreciated.

I know this is an old post but here goes. The first question is what suspension package does your car have (base, computer command, or touring), secondly never buy used suspension components especially from the salvage it's really just a waste of money. If you need new shocks and want to use factory parts have your mechanic get the part numbers and go to a site like rock auto they sell tons of oem parts, hell that's were I got the new shocks for my 93 Eldorado.

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