BIGGER and taller tire question


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May 1, 2007
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I would simply like a wider tire for the rear with maybe a little more height. How do the air springs react to this? Do they keep it the same unless I mess with the sensors. If they keep it the same wouldn't the body rub the tires???

What has happened when you put larger and taller on the car??

What's the biggest i can put on??Tallest???

I know the stock tire is a 26.6" tire.

Thanks ,

37 views and NO responses???

Is it nobody knows??????????????????

Come on guys, I just joined. I have had the car 2 days. Is this a useless site and forum???

New Lincoln Owner JOHN.
You could put 235 60 16 on for a bigger look...

They are not monsters but look good on my 95 and seem to look wider than my 245 50 16 that I have on my 94.

LOL very subtle Frogman LOL very subtle
My friend has some mickey thompsons from his 5.0 he wants to throw them on my car just to c how it looks I think theyll rub what u guys think lol

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