Big Brake upgrade

One rear bracket in mock up in proces, It was enough to finally test fit today. I still have to make some modifications before final installation and actually make the final bracket.

So what do you guys think about the final color for the calipers, now that we see what red looks like on my ls. It actually looks nicer than what I expected.

Color combo options
Gloss black with red lettering
Gloss white with black lettering
Gloss candy apple red with black lettering
Gloss candy apple red with white lettering
Gloss white with white lettering

Help me out guys.

plan on powdercoating anything?

Powder coating for sure, but I do not want to get them done now and mess them up while mocking things up. I installed and took them off so many times that if they were powder coated, I would've for sure damaged the finish. I want to mock everything up and have everything ready so once I have them coated, I can just install and enjoy :cool:
Nice, Alex strikes again!

dibs on the Hydraulic Jack!
I still stand by my previous choice of black with red lettering. It'll look HOT!
I still say black base with white letters.

Red calipers are not my cup o tea.
I like when calipers are body matched to the car, but not sure white calipers would look good/stay clean for long so black.
Thanks guys.

I'm leaning towards black with red lettering, but white with black is a close second, followed by candy red with white.
Thanks guys.

I'm leaning towards black with red lettering, but white with black is a close second, followed by candy red with white.

I would think white w/ black would look great but could be tough to keep clean even powder coated. Black and red second for me...I personally don't like red on a luxury car as I think subtle is on a Porsche, Lamborghini, etc. different story.
thanks guys.

I'm leaning towards black with red lettering, but white with black is a close second, followed by candy red with white.
good decicion


I like the silver with black letters or the black with white letters. The yellow and red calipers look out of place on this car i think.
Thanks for your input guys.

I decided to stay with a more subtle black for the caliper color. The lettering will be red, unless I decided to do white last minute.

The aluminum plate came in that I ordered for the rear bracket. I will be working on it here and there and test fit it soon. I also ordered longer studs and bolts for the calipers.

Only one person on here knows, but I also bought myself a small milling machine for my birthday back in march :cool:. I got tired of shops saying they couldn't do my custom cuts or wanted to charge through the roof so forget you guys, I'll make my own now. I've had the mill since early march, I already made a table for it and I also ordered parts to convert it to a cnc mill as of today. Now I'm just looking into cheap software to run everything so it looks like it will be up and running in two months or so. On a side note, so much for ordering my stance coilovers next month :(
Front bracket mock up is done!!!!!! Now I just need to make it out of once piece out of wood, test fit, then make the final aluminum brackets.

Thanks mlara for posting the craigslist ad with the knuckle on it, went out and got it yesterday, got home and started working on the bracket right away :D. It was tougher to do than the rears because the fronts are radial mounts calipers, the rears are just lug mount just like oem so the bracket design was simple.

Now I just need to order the parking brake calipers, make a quick bracket for those, powder coat everything and we're good to go :cool:

This is the little stand I built to work on the bracket last night. This is with the caliper installed with the bracket in its soon to be permanent position. It went so much easier than doing it on the car, thanks mlara.

Making progress. Final design for the front and rear bracket mock ups cnc'd out of wood, soon aluminum for the final bracket. CNC is a lot of much fun :cool:

Strong enough out of aluminum or wood? haha

I just used wood as I was making each updated version until I got it right, it gets cut a lot faster and is a lot cheaper. I made maybe 15 rear brackets and 4 front ones, that's a lot of wasted aluminum if I had gone that route. This way I will just use aluminum for the final brackets.
I was joking.......... I try very hard not to use the two serious bones I have.....
AAAAH, got it. I actually thought you guys thought I was going to use wood. I know my post said final bracket, but I meant it as my design was final, now on to the final one with aluminum.

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