Best of.....Lincoln LS Enthusiasts (Pictures)

Anyone still on LLSOC? I've always wondered what it offered differently from LvC but thought the membership/viewing fee was absurd in today's internet.
Anyone still on LLSOC? I've always wondered what it offered differently from LvC but thought the membership/viewing fee was absurd in today's internet.

more just a different environment... having a membership fee does a good job at keeping the riff raff out. definitely a bit less of the 1st post, heres my problem and I dont want to search and as soon as its fixed I never come back...
Forum apps help navigate forums quickly and pretty easily once you get the hang of it, but yeah fb does seem to have more active members. I venture over to the fb side here and there, not really into Facebook as it is, it's alright . Lvc had was fun a few years back, I couldn't get enough haha, don't think the Facebook page could come close to that, with the talent thats over there but it does get some decent traffic which is cool. I still venture more to Lvc than Facebook, but don't post much.

Bull likes to mess with the Fb crowd, big deal. Makes things interesting from time to time. I would like to see when that pt cruiser thing started, seems like an interesting set of exchanges over that whole subject
On tapatalk you can view llsoc threads, didn't know you had to pay to view them or do you have to pay to post ?
I regularly post on LLSE. It is getting kinda out of hand. I'm thinking about making a LLS Performance FB group.
Well, I went ahead and joined the LS Enthusiasts group to check it out for myself.....:p
I'm thinking about making a LLS Performance FB group.

I'll take "Things that will go in the toilet faster than last night's curry and beer" for $500, Trebek.

Not for nothing, but just look at the LvC High Performance LS section. A few good threads surrounded by failed half-assed attempts and other absolute garbage. HiPo coils? Lowering springs? Intakes? The $10-grand-Millenium-Falcon-turned-into-for-sale-sign? A f***ing McLaren grille? LvC takes effort and mild dedication to create an account and post.

You come here for one thing: the LS (well, in the LS/LS-HiPo sections). Facebook is a boob tube "news" feed, designed to stream gossip into your face as effortlessly as possible, constantly changing the subject/status/comments/thread to keep you interested and on the site. I promise a HiPo LS FB page will produce nothing better than the LLSE page unless it's heavily moderated at levels comparable to 1939 Germany.

The one thing I'll say is the biggest issue with the current FB page is the repetitiveness. But with a generation of "gotta have it now", where does the blame really lie? I get damn excited searching for upgrades because I'm into cars and I'm studying mechanical engineering, knowing it's all relevant. I spent hours researching rotors last night (and ended up buying a pair of normal solid surfaces). But for someone who doesn't care, they pass the adventure of research to someone else and simply ask "what coil packs r gud" or "no AC what do" and wait for the notification to let them know there's an answer.

I realize that was worded bluntly and I want you to know I have nothing against you, just that I don't see it panning out well at all. Facebook offers little value in terms of knowledge. I try to help people there (save for when gutter guard grille kits are posted) but the lack of caring, reasoning, and logic kills it for me. The ones with the knowledge and experience drift away from the constant rims/plastidip posts. Some give up and leave, others turn into trolls.

Facebook users as a whole do not have the attention span to accomplish anything. The tag "social media" is garbage; it's thoughtless entertainment. It's reality TV with comments.
Several members who cross over to both sides have mentioned LVC, and even provided reference links to threads here to answer their questions. Problem is, they seem to not be bothered enough to come and search all the information here.....Why....

My opinion is that smartphones and the ever growing social media will continue to slow the traffic on traditional forums. I am a member on two other forums for vehicles I own, and also their Facebook similar counterparts. I can tell you this trend for people to use Facebook groups instead of forums has grown over the past couple of years. It's much easier to use, it allows you to tag people and you get simple push notifications instantly about your posts/threads. Also considering there are over 1.39 billion active members monthly on facebook its only natural that car enthusiasts want to use it to share and discuss their passion. The number of posts we see on LVC in a week is roughly what the Facebook crowd generates in a day.

The argument on here used to be that LLSOC was the adults, and LVC was the 'kids' and the rowdy crowd. Looks like we have been replaced

So was that the best of their rides you posted??? Or the Worst??
simultaneously both at the same time!

they are the best there, but would be the worse here. lol
Got Dirt?

Poor LS.

Honestly, I really think a picture taken with a Nokia brick phone of a hard 6 leaning on the hood of a ****ty 1st gen with an awful grill, in a parking lot with Camrys and Beetles, and the plate blocked out really embodies the personality of the facebook group.

Very accurate.

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