Beginning to move forward with manual seats


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Feb 16, 2016
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So im still in the planning on converting to manual seats, the main problem im having is that there are no cars in the junkyard that i could salvage. I did find these tracks online for a decent price

Would any "universal" racing seat work with these or would i need to buy the onrs off the site

Also would there be any problems caused by not having the connectors plugged into the seats?
I don't really get why you would de-content a luxury car.
Drivers seat is in pretty bad shape and i dont really like the power seats, its just one more thing to break
You can score the tiberon seats way cheaper and in leather. (or cloth if you want)
No, I imagine he's telling you to buy them as a joke so you go to put them in and realize you have expensive man sized paper weights.
Any seats you buy that are not MK8 seats will need work to make them fit anyother car then seats came in.
Here they are in my Maverick
Looks pretty good. The only part that i would be worried about is modifications to the seat itself, track stuff i can do no problem but i dont like dealing with fabric

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