Anyone one remember the joke from Desperado when Quintin Tarintino is at the bar?

The one about pissing everywhere?

I laugh so hard every time I think of it!!
i don't always drink beer, but when i do, i drink sunshine or fat tire.

liquor: cap n diet.

some of us are trying to lose weight so i usually have a light beer (miller), or cap n diet coke.
When I have beer, it's normally New Castle. Close runers up are Stella Artois and Blue Moon with orange slice.

When I actually want to get drunk, either a dirty absolut martini or a Jameson neat do the trick very well.

I drank to much whiskey and Becks one night. At the time I had a long ass hair job but by the end of the night my friends made short work of that.

Sounds like the night my friends gave me a mohawk. It was the one weekend we were to get snow in the winter of 05/06. Me and a friend bought a half gallon of Jack and between the two of us split it on the first night. We figured it'd be cheaper to have a lot of whiskey than to turn on the heat. I passed out and woke up with a pretty good mohawk.

As for beer, Sam Adams Boston Lager.
Right now I've been drinking a bunch of Sam Adams Summer Ale, because my local supermarket had it super cheap, and it's one of my favs. Normally, at home, I drink Busch light, because it's cheap and good. My fav. foreign beer is probably Sing Ha, a pretty dang good Thai beer (my friend owns a thai restaurant and has some pretty good thai beers there).

For liquor, Jack & diet is always solid, but lately I've been drinking 7 and 7. Good stuff.
busch, good??? guys, im not going to pretend to be a master of beers, but some of these are horrible. and this is coming from a college student too.

if any of you are in the north jersey area, check out a microbrewery called cricket hill in fairfield, nj. the owner is hilarious when he goes on his rants about how the major beer companies are sell outs (they sacrifice the taste of the beer by adding ingredients like rice simply to produce and sell more).

one story in particular that comes to mind is about miller. according to him, purchasing beer for the home did not become normal until refrigerators were common household appliances. and because women were doing the shopping, beer companies began making light beers to catch their attention. the founder of miller refused to dilute his beer with foreign ingredients just to sell more. but when his son took over the business, that all changed.
^^ Ah, yes. The infamous Irish Car Bomb. They are good, but I prefer the sting of straight Irish Whiskey

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