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Aug 17, 2007
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Whats everyones favorite Beer. Right now I'm in a Michelob Amber Bock phase.:cool:

I drank to much whiskey and Becks one night. At the time I had a long ass hair job but by the end of the night my friends made short work of that.
me being in college and playing basketball so I have no job right now what ever is the cheapest :D :D
Whats everyones favorite Beer. Right now I'm in a Michelob Amber Bock phase.:cool:

First and foremost my favorite is whatever is free at the time but my mainstay is Amber Bock then Peroni or Abita Raspberry Wheat. The latter is not a fruity beer but if in the mood for that sort of flavor I go for Framboise Lambic. The Raspberry is excellent. offense to people here that said its their favorites, but light beer should be abolished.
Back in 02 when I was traveling and couldn't get Yeungling, I would drink Amber Bock... Now it's dogfish pale ale (60 min brew), or new castle followed by bass...
I prefer wine, but when I choose beer, its usually Stella Artois or Heineken. In the fall, (like now), I'll pick up a case of Sam Adams Octoberfest. If I have to drink light beer, I prefer Amstel.
kinda off topic. when drinking corona or any beer for that matter, you are actually not suppose to put the lime in the cerveza. mexicans used the lime to rub around the rim of the glass so that flies would refuse to land on their drink.

just a quick beverage fact.
The representatives of the world's big beer-brewing companies are meeting for a conference. At the end of the first day, a few of them retire to the hotel bar to have a quick drink.

The first representative, an Aussie, steps up to the bar. "Everybody knows that Australia brews the best beer, so make mine a Foster's, mate."

The second, a Dutchman, steps up. "It is known far and wide that the best beers come from the Netherlands, so make mine a Heineken."

The third, an American, steps up. "Hell, everybody knows that Americans make the best beer, and I brew the King of them all, so make mine a Bud."

The fourth, an Irishman, steps up to the bar. "I'll be having a cup o' tay, thank ye."

The others stare at him in amazement. "Aren't you going to have a Guiness?"

"Thanum an Dhul, what d'ye take me for? If you ain't drinkin', I ain't drinkin' neither!"

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